Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Reds

I find myself drawn to all things red lately. I particularly like it paired with blue and or brown. I think for some it's more of a winter color, but it's always reminded me of summer. So many of my favorite summer things are red, berries, watermelon, and tomatoes.

A new sewing kit and some sweet cupcake twill tape is in the shop today. I finally got the kraft boxes I've been hunting for. They are exactly what I wanted and I love the sewing kits in the kraft rather than the white. The white boxes had a glossy sheen that I wasn't happy with, had they been matte, I might have liked them better.

Strawberries from a local farm, ripe, delicious and ready to be made into jam. Isn't summer great? We'll have fresh raspberry and strawberry jam just in time for my mom and sister's visit this weekend. Perfect.


melissa deakin said...

just wanted to say again how much i adore your work.
fabulous stuff!

chetanddot said...

Thanks so much! It's nice to hear from you again.