Thursday, June 21, 2007

Parsley, anyone?

Here are the garden pics I promised. They're not as exciting as they will be in a few weeks. That clump of leafy green on the right there is our bumper crop of curly leaf parsley and celery (weird huh?) from last year. I pulled about half the parsley out this spring because I do not need massive quantities of curly leaf parsley, in fact, I meant to plant flat leaf but wasn't thinking. Next to it is a little flat leaf parsley plant that hopefully will take off. We've got rhubarb and peas, and will have zucchini and pie pumpkins. We also planted cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes and tomatillos.


This is such an fast and easy project, which is why there are suddenly baby booties all over the house. I love to knit but really prefer working on smaller projects rather than big things like sweaters and such. This is adapted from the pattern in
Stitch and Bitch Nation. It's the only pattern I've tried from the book. I've been a bit disappoined in all three stitch and bitch books thus far particularly the crochet one, Happy Hooker, I believe it's called. I suppose I'm just not into rock and roll wrist cuffs and skull sweaters, shocking, I know. Anyway, booties are cute, fun and oh so tiny. It's hard to believe they can fit on the foot of anything other than a doll.

I snatched up the last copy of this at Powell's yesterday.

I wasn't sure if I would like it or not because all too often I'm disappointed by sewing (and knitting) books, but this book is really great! Congratulations to Amy for a truly lovely book. I already have a few favorite projects that I can't wait to try. I love these curtains:

and this puppet theater is the cutest! It hangs on tension rods in a doorway, brilliant.

I just ordered some fabric swatches for the fabric I'll be printing. My friend Kim has graciously offered to share her silk screening wisdom with me. I've done some silk screening but there is something that I'm not doing right, so it's Kim to the rescue -- Hooray!

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PonyBoy Press said...

I just got that book in the mail yeasterday! I really ike it too. I like her casual attitude about things, that is why I got it. I am so half-assed about this kind of stuff. Sometimes, I wish I were a bit more of a perfectionist.