Thursday, June 07, 2007


I can't believe it's Thursday already! I suppose my non chalant, 'I've got an entire week to get ready' attitude is catching up with me as I find myself running around like a mad person gathering every item I could possibly need for the sale. I must like the last minute insanity because even if I had 3 years notice before a sale, you could still find me the day before said event frantically trying to round up a table cloth and scotch tape.

That said, here are some new additions for the sale, tissue holders. I love making these, they are the perfect, quick little project and it's very satisfying to put the tissue in right at the end. I put off making them for a long time because I didn't really think anyone used them anymore, so I was very happy to find out that people do use them. In fact, I've started keeping one in my purse and the car.

It's been very cold and rainy here in Portland the last few days. I had to turn the heat on for a bit this afternoon (in June!). It's making me want soup and warm cookies. What happened to summer? Just a few days ago we were grilling in the back yard, now we're wearing sweaters and keeping an umbrella close at hand. I'm ready for all things summer. I want to go to the farm and pick berries and visit the coast. Each year, my friend and I make raspberry jam from berries in her backyard. I hear that some ripe berries have made an appearance, it won't be long now. I'm ready summer, come on!

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Jenny said...

Thanks god for your tissue holders. I use mine all the time. I can't wait to read the zine you're working on.