Sunday, June 03, 2007

Much Better

The little blue desk got a coat of paint last night. Now it's the little yellow desk. It was a super quick and easy project, the best kind. I totally love it and found the perfect spot for it under a window in the dining room. I've never been happy with that little part of the room and it's become one of our many junk collection stations. I was planning to use the canisters in the craft room, but they seem perfectly suited to this little table so they will live here for awhile.

My banner for the sale is coming along nicely. I thought I'd give you a little peek since I needed a break from forming tiny rick rack into words. Sheesh! I do love mini rick rack but it isn't easy getting it to go where it's supposed to.

I may do the last 't' over again, I was getting lazy toward the end there. This is the first banner I've made which seems kind of silly since I've been selling at craft fairs for almost 5 years. Anyway the sale is this Saturday and I feel like I've got a million things to do. Hey, let's make a list. I do so love list making.
:: stamp bags
:: make: purses, bunnies, a few more cakes and some notepads
:: price and organize tote bags; press the ones that need it

:: gather 'free with purchase' items
:: laminate signs
:: create a selling kit that includes: calculator, money bag, tape, clothespins, pens and mailing list
:: find a candy dish for the table
:: decide on a table cloth
:: fine tune display
:: find a line to string for hanging lunch totes
And I'm sure that's not all but it's a start. Well no more chatting, I've got work to do.


LucyKate Crafts said...

lovely new colour on the table, so much better than before : )

PonyBoy Press said...

What a productive weekend you have had! I got the perfect bedspread at Target in Vancouver. Green on one side yellow on the other. They call it a coverlet. What is that about? When does something become a coverlet and not a blanket? No pic on the site :-(