Monday, June 18, 2007


I had dinner with friends last night, they served mushroom risotto that was amazing. For dessert we had a raspberry trifle. No pictures unfortunately, but the trifle was beautiful. Over dinner, we got to talking about the bakery/shop that my friend Chary and I want to open. We have a few different names in the running:
1::Petit Four
2::Sweet Tooth
I think sweet tooth is super cute because it warrants the cutest illustrations of a happy tooth as the logo, but I think petit four and fondant are more "distinguished". I really like Parfait though it was pointed out that it that it may be a bit pretentious for what we're going for. I think it's awfully cute though, it might be more suited to a little ice cream shop. I think we may end up going with petit four because we like the idea of everything being on the small side rather than large. No giant muffins or cookies the size of your head at Petit Four.

We've been talking about opening a bakery/mini boutique for a couple of years now. I love the idea that it could be a place where you could stop and buy a handmade gift and a selection of sweets. I think that Chary and I would make a great team, she is an amazing baker and chef and we have very similar tastes. In fact, look at what she brought me back from Canada last week. The box says 'puppet'. It's so adorable now I need to find the perfect spot for her.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday afternoon. The sun is shining here and it's supposed to warm up. The past couple of weeks have been so cool. I'm sure that after two months of roasting in the summer heat, I'll be cursing the sun, but for now I'm happy it's here.

Look at this perfect little scene, Miss Fifi is in love with the new wool blanket and has found the best spot in the house, she can watch what's happening outside and fall asleep in the sun.

Some more gift tags in the shop today. I'm still working on more twill tape, and then that will be available too.

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PonyBoy Press said...

That is the cutest little puppet! I like petit four. And you could make cute little petit four pin cushions! :-)