Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In the Kitchen with Chet and Dot

My great grandmother grew up in Mexico and I do so wish I could have tried her cooking. I imagine her making enchilada sauce and refried beans in a tiny little kitchen while all 11 (!!!) children ran through the house. Unfortunately, the only recipe that survived was for homemade flour tortillas. I used to make these a lot more often but now they are more of an occasional treat. They're best fresh off the griddle. I like them with just butter but they're delicious with jam, too. In fact, this morning I had a half butter-half jam one. Here is the recipe in case you want to try them for yourself, it's super easy:
6 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder (aluminum free, please)
3 teaspoons salt
Blend above ingredients in large mixing bowl
Cut in 1 cup shortening or lard until well blended
Add 1 cup hot water, and mix, I usually end up using my hands at this point.
Knead into a ball, adding more water or flour as necessary.
Let the dough rest under a towel for 10 minutes or longer. Tear off a piece of dough a little larger than a golf ball. Form into a ball and roll out as flat as possible.

Always cook on a hot griddle. These cook fast so I keep the heat at medium and flip often to ensure even cooking and prevent burning. They just need about 1 to 2 minutes per side. Store the dough at room temperature wrapped in plastic wrap and then a towel to keep from drying out. If dough isn't to be used within one to 2 days, store in refrigerator and let come to room temperature before rolling.

Tomorrow is Last Thursday already. I'm going to sell cupcakes again. Vanilla and chocolate this time. I want to experiment with making a lemon cupcake, but I think that will be for next month. I've got lots to do, it always sneaks up on me and then I spend 2 days running around like a lunatic trying to get ready.

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