Friday, June 29, 2007

Can I Interest You in a Cupcake?

I really do have a life outside of cupcake making, despite appearances. When I first moved to Portland, I was thankful that the myth of constant rain turned out to be just that, a myth. I'd heard how it would rain constantly without respite, and thought I might have to consider devising some sort of umbrella harness so that I wouldn't be completely soaked when I stepped out. That is definitely not the case, thankfully, though I am started to wonder where the heck summer is. We're having an unusually high amount of rain and have been since November, I understand. I've grown tired of it. I do like not having to water the garden but I don't like not being able to sell cupcakes on Alberta during Last Thursday because of the incessant rain. That's right, all the cupcakes I made a day in advance, thinking that my preparedness would surely pay off are now sitting on the counter looking lovely. The weather wins again! I made 54 of them. 54! I've given some away and have relatives coming tonight, who will undoubtedly help eat them. Perhaps next month, I'll make cookies, after checking the weather report, of course.

Ok, enough about cupcakes. I, personally, am a bit cupcaked out. Except of course for the ones made of felt. Those, I will never tire of.

I finally bought a teflon presser foot for my sewing machine and it arrived in the mail yesterday, so I pulled out the vinyl and made a couple of pouches. I really like working with vinyl, though I don't think I would ever want to work with it exclusively.

As mentioned previously, relatives are coming to town including two little ones. I've got a disastrous house to clean and child proof. Have a lovely weekend, I hope it's sunny!


kim said...

Mmmmm, cupckes! Sucks about the rain, though :-(

Do you plan to list the vinyl pouch with the clouds? I'd love to buy it!

chetanddot said...

It's all yours! I can send a Paypal invoice, if you want. Let me know. Jenn

kim said...

Yes -- go for it! Thank you :-)

chetanddot said...

send me your paypal email and it'll be on it's way!