Monday, June 11, 2007

First Harvest

This is the first "bounty" of the summer. Actually, it may be the only bounty since I've been lagging on planting the vegetable starts I bought two weeks ago. Not bad though for my tiny little strawberry patch next to the front door. It gets bigger each year and this year it put out enough berries all at once to actually make something with. If they don't all get eaten out of the bowl, that is. They are super sweet and it's hard to resist a red, ripe strawberry no matter who you are.

These are in the shop, they are bookmarks that I made with some recycled paper scraps. They're block printed and laminated. I'm hoping to get some new blocks carved this week in which case there will be even more bookmarks available.

I am still working on the website however, I think my initial goal of mid June was overly ambitious. I think I'll be happy if it gets done by mid summer. I can see why web design costs what it does, it's very tedious and time consuming. I like being able to do it myself for the purpose of updating but it can be a pain.
I've got a busy week ahead with orders to fill and a messy house to clean. I'm still counting the days to Ikea! It's really just around the corner. Happy Monday!

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