Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hooray for the Weekend

We attended the Laurelhurst neighborhood yard sales today. There were some 110 sales. We maybe hit 10 or 12 sales before we stopped for brunch at my current favorite morning spot where I had this yummy treat.

Here's what I found:

Some books, cute black shoes and a nice yellow plant pot. The little fridge and stove are especially sweet! They are tin and made by the Wolverine toy company. They already have a home in the kitchen. Yet another pink wool blanket has made it's way home with me. I couldn't pass it up at only $4 but I would like to find a white or red one. White would be good so that I could do some dying. I'll keep my eye out, one is bound to turn up eventually.

Here is more printed twill tape. I think I'm liking the natural color better than the white, but they're both nice.

Happy Apple

Acorns and Dots

Stars and Dots

Happy Umbrella and Clouds

I think these will be in the shop this week. I've decided that I like making them more than using them.
Happy Saturday everyone!


melissa deakin said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it.
I adore your work and need to make some purchases soon.
Looks like some great finds at the yard sales.
I would love to find a blanket like that.
I hit one sale yesterday and found a really old Kodak camera...very cool.
I look forward to visiting your blog regularly!

chetanddot said...
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royaloaker said...

I can't wait for the tape to be in your shop! I luuuuuv it.

I just found your blog too. Have been a longtime admirer (and customer) of your shop. I will also be checking in regularly. Can't wait to see what's to come...