Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Tone Trunks

This morning, I was perusing a vintage knitting magazine from 1950 and came across this::

Essentially a KNIT swimming diaper for grown men with BELT LOOPS and A BELT. What self respecting man would don these and head out for a day of swimming? I like that they are a little bit saggy in the crotch region. Do you suppose that someone saw this pattern and decided that it would be the perfect item for her husband or son? God, I hope so. I only wish there had been a photo of him standing, now that would be something to see. He probably refused to stand and insisted on smoking in the photo to increase his manly appearance, if just a bit.

I finally got around to dyeing some wool felt for pin cushions. Here is all the wool absorbing the cupcake colors. I can't seem to mix up a good brown so I'm going to have to buy some because there must be chocolate.

And here is all the wool dried and ready for sewing::

Some new twill tape is in the shop::

Hey let me know if you'd like the pattern for the swim trunks, I think someone you know might look fetching in them...wink wink


Kim said...

those trunks are so sean connery as james bond, which doesn't make them any less god-awful, in my opinion. daniel craig in the updated version, however, goes over just swimmingly.

Allison said...

Those swim trunks are awesome. Kevin totally needs a pair.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I am sure the felt will turn out great! I adore your cupcakes! I wrote about them on my blog today :-)