Friday, August 03, 2007

Pickle Crisp

Last night I was flipping through the channels and happened upon The Two Coreys on A&E. Anybody seen this? Well if not, there's no need. It's a horrendous train wreck of a television show. How this got past initial brainstorming sessions, I'll never understand. I'm a little tired of the whole voyeuristic celebrity "real life" television shows anyway, but some of them are at least watchable. The Two Coreys however, is not. First off I feel a little old because it's been 20 years since the Lost Boys came out. 20. Second, I was totally in love with Corey Haim as a teenager though now that's all gone right out the window. He is now a royal moron. He's 35, unemployed, single and from what I could tell, completely obsessed with starring in a Lost Boys sequel. At one point, he was crying because he found out that a sequel is in the works and he's not in it. These people aren't even interesting. at all. At least Gene Simmons still performs and is a total nut, these guys are just pathetic.

Ok, so on to something far more interesting, sewing!
This is my first handbag featuring a successful application of bias tape, whoo hoo! I pretty much want to put it on everything now. I'm trying to think of more projects that require it. I'm thinking coasters, wallets, checkbook covers and soon a quilt.

We're going to the farm this afternoon to get cucumbers for pickling. I've never made pickles before so I'm curious to see how they turn out. Allison made them a couple of years ago and they tasted good but were a little soft, so this time we'll be using 'pickle crisp'. Pickle Crisp! I love that there is an actual product called this.


Kim said...

i bought blackberries and peaches at the farmer's market today, with the intention of making a crisp, as in a cobbler with a crispy oat & brown sugar topping. so when i saw the title of this post, i recoiled. glad to know that's NOT what you meant, not at all. hope pickling goes well. :-)

Sarah M. said...

Ok, I was SO amused at this blog post as I was a huge Lost Boys fan and saw all the "Coreys" movies. I can't wait to catch an airing of that show-- I just want to see Corey H. cry.

And I'm with Kim-- I thought pickle crisp was going to be a dessert, yet I was strangely fascinated (mmmm...pickle crisp). :)

Thanks for some amusement on this fine Sunday morning.


Taryn said...

I saw the both Coreys interviewed on Larry King the other day (Larry covers all that really important stuff you know!). From what I heard, they described their show as 'scripted reality', so basically it's all fake. That's worse than the regular reality shows! I'm still amazed that shows like this still exist!