Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Was Attacked

We went to the farm last evening to get our cucumbers and pick some berries. I was happily strolling along stuffing my face with blueberries when I spotted a delicious berry in the middle of the bush, so I reached my hand in only to recoil in pain as I realized I'd been stung. Suddenly there were 20 bees flying around, one was stuck on my shirt and I was jumping around screaming. I had apparently stuck my hand in some sort of bee construction zone and they weren't pleased. I just wanted that blueberry. Needless to say that ended our visit to the farm. Luckily we were about to leave anyway. The bees aren't winning any points with me lately. My precious little kitty, Fifi was stung a few weeks ago and now this. I appreciate all their hard work but do they have to be so rude?

We made pickles! They look like pickles and I'm pretty sure they'll taste like pickles. These are straight up dill pickles. Straight up.

I managed to get some stuffies and a sewing kit made yesterday, in spite of the attack. The sewing kit is awaiting it's pins, but will be in the shop soon.

This is Kitty the Lamb, so named because I intended to make a kitty but ended up with a lamb.


Violette Crumble said...

Damn bees! I'm battling mosquitoes myself these days.

LOVE kitty the lamb and plaid guy too.

LucyKate Crafts said...

kitty the lamb is so cute. eeek about the bees, i have been stung so many times i've lost count!.

Clare said...

Ouch, sounds painful. I remember that my mum once got two wasps up her trouser leg, not fun at all!

Kim said...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this plaid guy, and have had to restrain myself from buying him? I have a thing for plaid wool...Oh hell, let's be honest: I have a thing for your softies!

chetanddot said...

Isn't that plaid wool lovely? I paid more than I wanted to for it at a church rummage sale last summer and use it sparingly, but I just love it. I think my softies love you!