Thursday, August 02, 2007


So maybe it's not as much a milestone as 100 but this is my 50th blog post. Notable, I say.

I've been practicing the application of bias tape on some little tissue holders. Somewhere along the way bias tape and I parted ways and are only now becoming reaquainted. This is one technique that makes me feel like maybe I am challenged mentally. I've read instructions, watched online videos and studied quilt edges all to no avail, until now, that is. I think I've finally got it. Of course, I've only done two so far. But with only a couple of minor issues. And now I can see why some find it addictive. It looks so nice when done properly.

I remember my first encounter with bias tape, my ex mother in law asked me to apply it to some printed bibs she'd bought. So she brought over her sewing machine and the supplies and said she'd pick them up in a few days. So I sat down thinking 'this looks easy enough' and proceeded to destroy the whole lot of bibs. The corners were the worst. When she came over to pick them up she looked at them and then at me and asked if I was on drugs. I blame her, really, she should have shown me how to do it rather than leaving me alone with my future nemesis bias tape. Well look at me now! Applying bias tape like a real pro, well sort of. See::

I even made the bias tape myself thanks to the instructions in this book.


sweetfuzzies said...

Hi Jenn, it's Janet from Sweet Fuzzies. I love these tissue holders, esp the polka dot bias tape. So cute, great work!!

Penni said...

You were born to bias baby.
I've just been looking at your etsy shop - everything is so beautiful.