Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey! Check this out

So maybe I'm the only one totally excited by this::

My tomatillo plant! These little papery skins feel empty, but the little tomatillos are in there see::


I heard some crazy squawking earlier and went outside to find this little guy in the walnut tree::

He'd apparently disturbed the blue bird couple presently residing there.

The animal party invitation sets are now in the


PonyBoy Press said...

Oh, little raccoon!! So cute!!

Kim said...

Tomatillos! I share your enthusiasm :-) What do you plan to make with them? Salsa verde?

chetanddot said...

si, salsa verde is exactly what I'll be making! Mmmm...

Violette Crumble said...

It seems like you live the country with all this wildlife and vegetables/fruits all over the place. So nice!

Love the invitations by the way.

Violette Crumble said...

P.S. I want those invitations for Harlan's second bday party, but it won't be for two months and I'm not sure how many folks we'll invite.

Can I order more of the same ones in the future by special request, or are these the only ones you'll make?

chetanddot said...

It's funny, it does seem like I live in the country, but I actually live in the middle of the city on a very busy street. I do have a nice big backyard, though.

Just let me know a few weeks in advance about the invites and I can make them for you whenever you're ready.