Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I made bagels! It was super fun and really easy. I love making things that I would normally buy. It's fun to see how they're made. I will definitely be making bagels again.
Here's a trip through the Chet and Dot Bagel Factory::

After rising overnight in fridge

Boiling in water bath

Getting ready for baking with garlic added to some

After baking, golden brown and delicious


Violette Crumble said...

Wow, I don't anyone who has made bagels. Those look like actual bagels from a real bagel store. Not something easy to find outside a real bagel store, let me tell you.

Violette Crumble said...

P.S. Meant to say, "I don't know anyone who has made bagels."

saffiertje said...

Yammie!!! Please let me know the recepy!!!!! anna make those Ymammies 2!!!!

love Miranda

the netherlands