Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The peace and quiet has returned to the house. Everybody headed home yesterday. I like visiting with my family, but it is nice to have things back to normal. On Tuesday, we went to Jamison Square here in Portland. If you have kids and are looking for something to do this summer, this is great! There is a wading pool that fills up and empties every few minutes with water that pours out of the giant stone steps along the side. It's endlessly fun for kids and adults.

This little mushroom pouch is in the shop, I'll be adding more items soon. I'm just getting back into sewing mode, post family.

I hope you had a nice holiday, we watched a rather nice fireworks show right from the backyard.


melissa deakin said...

i have just started sewing and i am having so much fun!
i've been making bibs and appliqued onesies for baby gifts.
love your work.
hope all is well!

chetanddot said...

Babies really are the best ones to sew for. It's nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting,