Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Flocking Good Time

This afternoon I went to a Rubber Stamp supply store in Vancouver (WA, not BC). I used to go all the time when we lived there but hadn't been in at least 2 years. I was pleased to find they had moved to a more central location. I used to love going in there. It's owned by two older women who are the sweet grandmotherly types. They are always willing to stop what they're doing and answer any questions you have about a product or technique. I've had them give me mini demo's before. So it was lovely to see them again. They have a really nice little shop which has all the usual and somewhat tacky rubber stamping supplies, but they also have stuff I've never seen anywhere else like quilling and flocking supplies. That's right flocking, it's amazing. It can be applied over glue to make your image FUZZY. So. Adorable. I haven't done any flocking in a long time, perhaps I'll do some flocking soon. A few years ago, they actually sold me some vintage flocking supplies they'd had for years. It's impossible to find now, so that was quite a score!

This lunch tote will be in the shop tomorrow. Things are moving slowly here in craftland lately. I've been on an embroidery kick lately. That doesn't happen as often as it used to so I'm taking advantage of it.

P.S. the store is called Pampered Stampers-ha ha.

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