Friday, July 20, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

Hello! I've missed my blog these past few days. Things have been so very hectic lately, but I think they are starting to slow down. Maybe. I will be spending the next week preparing for the Handmade Bazaar so maybe there won't be any slowing down. Can you believe it's Friday again, already? Summer is just flying by.

Some new twill tape is in the shop. I ordered a few new fabrics and will be working on some lunch totes and sewing kits this weekend.

I just finished several wholesale orders for Robot Candy, one of which included 48 bookmarks. These are fun to make so it wasn't like work at all, now the coasters on the other hand, are very much like work. There are some new coasters on the scene which is always good though. I get tired of seeing the same designs day after day so I try to add new ones to the mix as often as possible.

Enjoy your weekend!

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