Monday, July 30, 2007

The Last Day of July

So our neighbors have acquired two little tiny Toto dogs. This, we learned in mid Spring and I'm pretty sure they haven't stopped barking since March. Occasionally, if I'm outside, I'll yell at them to stop which works for a few minutes. I must admit it's difficult to yell at them because they are adorable, although it's getting easier. I really don't want to be one of those grumpy neighbors who complains, but the barking is driving me nuts. I don't even want to open the windows in the morning because I know the barking will come and it does, without fail. I'm not much of a dog person, I prefer cats, but I like to think that if I had a dog, I wouldn't let it bark the day away in my backyard. Apparently, not everyone shares this sentiment.

I've been whipping out purses like crazy lately. I have to take advantage of the purse making desire while it's here, because it never sticks around for long. These are so fun to make, maybe it'll stick around a little longer this time.

Have a lovely last day of July (can you believe it?), I'll be in the backyard cursing at small animals like a crazy person.


Kim said...

Lovely bags, especially the first :-) !

Violette Crumble said...

I love making patchwork totes and yours rule! I also dig your new stuffed chicks very much.

About the dogs: The thing dogs require more than anything is human companionship. Those poor critters are being neglected. You have every right to go talk to the neighbor and explain that they're barking. You can even file a report with the police and the owners will be required to take care of them better. Good luck.

chetanddot said...

I feel bad for the dogs because they are obviously distressed, so they bark. Poor little doggies, I really wish people were required to take a class in animal care before getting pets.

KARA said...

oh I totally sympathize, my mom has 2 little yappy dogs they drive me mental.
Oh the bags are gorgeous