Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Magical World of Well-Designed Yet Affordable Goods

It was so awesome. I didn't have nearly as much spending money as I would've liked but I was in IKEA before the rest of the city, that's what really matters here : ). Regardless, it was great fun! Before this one opened here in Portland, we used to have to drive to the Seattle IKEA a couple of hours away. It always made me crazy because I felt this need to get everything I could possibly need to get because it could be months or years before I made it back. Those days are gone, my friends. I am now a mere 8 minute drive from the greatest store ever! Here are some pictures and now I'll stop talking about it.

Some new lunch totes are in the shop. I'll be listing more tomorrow.


monda-loves said...

I've just found your blog and your etsy shop. Lovely lovely stuff. Will be visiting often!


chetanddot said...

Welcome Welcome!

Marlene said...

Well said.