Monday, June 15, 2009


I have been going through some of my sketchbooks trying to sort through and pull out ideas I like or drawings to use for embroideries or prints. It's always interesting to look back at older work and see how my art has changed and improved. Some of the older drawings are so crude, but I remember just being happy they resembled what I had in mind.

These prints are in the shop. They're my first new prints since we got our new printer (which is awesome). I'm really happy with the results. Yay for good printers!

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dawnbach said...

I have been considering buying a new printer and scanner, what make is your printer, nd how economial is it on the ink? I am just starting out ( childrens illustrator) and up until now have always sent my original work off. Would also like to print my own flyers, cards etc.

Thanks Dawn