Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm waiting for the second pot of coffee of the day to brew so I thought I'd share some thoughts on coffee.
Coffee is good. Stumptown coffee is very very good.
My favorite way to brew coffee is in a stovetop espresso pot. I use a French press sometimes, but the stovetop pot, brews good strong coffee really fast, which is important.
I made some new coffee cup (or tea if you're so inclined) cozies.
I forgot how satisfying these are to make. They're a quick project and great way to use up sweater and fabric scraps. These are in the shop. Which, by the way, now has over 400 items! I can't believe it.

On another note, the weather has been positively dreary here in Portland. The chickens don't care for it one bit. As you can, see it's best to stay close to the coop in case of a downpour.

Now I feel that donuts are in order. Yes, coffee and donuts.
Happy Weekend!


ohthecuteness said...

The cozies are so lovely! Are those fabric pieces on the front ones you printed yourself or little scraps from your other projects? Lovely inspiration as always!

darling savage said...

stumptown coffee is the best! love your creations, it's always a treat to see your new products.

Furniture removalist said...

just that cute design for my coffee mug is a good start of my day..