Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Sweets

I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie last week with berries picked from a local farm. I used the recipe from this book. If you don't have this book, and you like to bake, I strongly recommend it. It's huge and thus far every recipe I have tried but one (and I think it was my fault) has turned out perfectly. I like that all the recipes are tested over and over until they are perfect. I also used the pie crust recipe from the book for the first time and it was great. I think it's going to be my new pie crust recipe, perfectly flaky and lightly sweetened. Unfortunately, said pie was devoured before it could be photographed.

I did make some donuts yesterday and managed to photograph them. The recipe is here. They were delicious. Not too sweet and definitely not as heavy as fried donuts. I dipped some in cinnamon and sugar and some in powdered sugar. The cinnamon ones were hands down the favorite.

In gardening news, I recently discovered a most unwelcome garden guest, the cabbage worm, happily munching on my broccoli plants. So I mixed up some natural pest spray and pried them off and now I'm on cabbage worm patrol. Other than that, all is well in the garden. I think we'll have some tomatoes within a few weeks. Yippee!

I hope everyone had a nice fourth of July. Ours was very low key except for the neighbors very loud party and the insane amount of fireworks in the neighborhood. Fireworks are illegal in the town I grew up in, so it's still a bit of a shock each year when I start hearing them in the days leading up to the fourth. I like fireworks ok, but I would not be in least bit sad if they were outlawed here. I know many little animals who would be fine with that as well.

I've got family coming to town on Monday and so much work to do around the house. Have a lovely weekend!


Meridian Ariel said...

ooh project.. I did not know you could bake doughnut! I shall have to get my apron on this week for that then... I made some lovely little mini dark cherry cheesecakes for the 4th of july... they are all gone now but the were devine... we had a very low key non-bbq for the 4th... non becuause I forgot lighter fluid for the bbq so cooked everything indoors instead.. still nice though.

Patrizia said...

Those donuts look delicious! I think I will save the recipe!

Ew cabbage worms?

Anyway, fireworks are illegal in Montreal too (well at least where I live). I would hate having fireworks go off at random times right on my street!

You have a great blog!

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