Saturday, June 28, 2008

Me Hot

It's muy caliente here in Portland today, 97 to be exact.

Yesterday we drove to a local farm and had a picnic with friends under a giant oak tree.

It was such perfect weather, we could see Mt. Hood.

Another set of felted coasters is in the shop. I love these colors together!

I'm off to hug the air conditioner.


Patrizia said...

Very cute coasters.

It is hot and humid here and we have no air conditioning because it is broken and still hasn't been fixed. We've waited 2 weeks!

What a nice park! It looks like such fun!

tiaraco said...

Hot and humid - the life of a Floridian.

Love the new coasters.

Christine said...

Is that the big oak tree at Kruger's Farm I spy? :) I just got married under that tree on May 31st. I love Sauvie's Island so much.

P.S. I've been a big fan of your work for awhile now (I squee over all your kitty & owl plushes), but for some reason I had no idea you were in Portland like me!


Briana said...

Nice. I have a friend who just recently got married under that very tree. beautiful!