Saturday, May 02, 2009

Life with Chickens

I thought it was time for an update on life so far with the chicks. We diagnosed two of the five as roosters, and they have gone to live with a nice family who were looking for just that sort of rooster. Now we are left with what we believe are 3 hens. It's so funny because we were really unsure if we wanted to get chickens, even on the way home after buying the chicks, we weren't sure we wanted to raise urban chickens, but they are so much fun, I'm sure we made the right choice. I spend way more time than I should watching their silly antics. Every time I sit down to watch them, they are doing something new and crazy. They all have different personalities and have grown attached to us as well. They'll be going outside in a couple of weeks, and while I'll be happy to have the dining room back, I will miss having them so close by. It's amazing how fast they grow too. They are already getting to the awkward chicken teenager phase. This is the 3 girls perched on their box today:

I have managed to get a lot of sewing done in the past few days in spite of the chicks. In fact, my Etsy shop has a record number of items in it. 301, to be exact! I've just added these sweet friends and some new felted houses. I also carved a new stamp with a little house on it. I'm excited to print some new house cards.

Happy Weekend!


krissy said...

Gosh, they grew so fast. They are so cute. I can imagine I would just stare at time all day, too. All your new stuff looks great, love the house.

Kate Spike said...

My neighbor is raising 2 female geese who have totally imprinted on her--she said the other day they noticed the black lab was a bit too close to "Mommy" and attacked the dog, who was so surprised by this that she forgot she's genetically programmed to retrieve these things, not get chased by them! I'd love to have some chickens but in lieu of that, I'll be happy to read about yours!

Violette Crumble said...

My friend and neighbor just got 3 chicks about the same time as you. A few weeks back Austin hosted a "crazy coops tour" around town so you could see all the different and interesting chicken coops. I can't wait to have a place to raise my own one day.

Yay for record # of stuff in shop, let's hope people keep shopping.

Krissysart said...

Hello! I just found you on Suz's blog. Your artwork is adorable! I'll be visiting often.