Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy October 1st

I found some lovely fabrics while out thrifting the other day. The one on top is some really nice wool that I think will become bunny stuffies. The bottom is about 2 yards of nice, grey linen that has already made it's way into all sorts of projects.
These messenger bags are some of those projects. I love the way the charcoal grey pairs with the brighter colors in the patchwork strips.

These are in the shop.

On another note, I'm pretty sure I will die if I don't get these and these. Have you seen the Martha Stewart (also referred to by me as the Leader), line at Macy's? It's all so beautiful. Better than that cheap garbage at Kmart. Just kidding, I have a lot of the Kmart stuff and I still like it. But Macy's now that's a real classy joint. I've had my eye on these sprinkles for a couple of months now, but just couldn't justify spending $20 on sanding sugar even if it is the most beautiful sanding sugar on earth. I see that they are on sale. I wonder if I should hold out for the Christmas baking delights that will surely not disappoint. I wonder why it took the Leader so long to start selling us craft supplies and cake sprinkles.

Ok, that's a good glimpse into the insanity I live with daily, happy October friends!

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Violette Crumble said...

Messenger bags are so pretty, they look like they took a lot of work though.

I want Martha's new Macy's enamel covered iron cookware. I totally ruined my Le Cruest by turning the heat on under a covered pot I thought I had filled with water (mommy brain).

Right now Target has halloween sprinkles in the dollar bins up front. They look awfully similar to me.