Friday, September 07, 2007

First Week

Happy First week of September!
This is what I've been up to this week::
::dinner with friends
::back to school shopping with picky teenager
::dinner with friend
::very last minute back to school shopping with ultra picky and now grumpy teenager
::learning to use adobe illustrator
::falling in love with illustrator
::taking teenager to first day of high school
::wondering how I got to be the parent of high school student
::more work
::dinner and game night at a friends house (where I drank too much and learned that I don't really care for games anymore)
::falling out of love with illustrator (temporarily, I'm sure)
::gluing, resin-ing and designing coasters and light switch plates
::taking, filling and delivering orders
::wishing I had time to sew
::trying to adjust to new back to school schedule (not very successfully, why must school start so early?)
::getting excited about autumn
::being thankful that tomorrow is saturday
It's been a busy week
How about you? What have you been up to? Leave me your list of first week of September activities in the comments section and I'll draw a name, for a super awesome, I'm cleaning out my merchandise bins surprise package. Actually, I'll draw two names. Double the fun!


Christina said...

Getting my first grader off to school, going to a small birthday party, cleaning, taking walks, cooking up some jambalaya, and going to an art fair!

royaloaker said...

How I do love a contest!

What I've been doing this fine first week of September:

::Getting my Passat battery replaced (fun)

::Getting my daughter and myself tested for lead poisoning (double fun)

::Going out to eat with friends WAYY TOO MUCH (Oberweis, Middle Eatern, and, well, Eclectic I guess)

::This weekend, will be hitting an Autumn Fesitval with the fam and a big ol' flea market!


Heather said...

I saw this post and it got me thinking as to what I actually do with my time. Readers might notice a certain trend...

- provided icy washclothes to teething baby.
- made pumpkin muffins (from Vegan with a Vengeance - wonderful!)
- baby turned 11 months yesterday. Crazy how quickly time goes by.
- nibbled by baby. repeat icy washclothes.
- crawled all over house with baby, particularly to places baby is not supposed to go. Repeatedly.
- looked into baby gates.
- applied for jobs. Anybody need a researcher?
- more icy washclothes.
- reading "Solitaire Mystery" by Jostein Gaarder. Have actually read this book about five times. I love it.
- watched Blades of Glory.
- walked with baby out in community garden. Felt the trees and flowers. Close encounter with bee.
- more icy washclothes.
- swam at night. my favourite time for swimming.
- and today, in celebration of the first week of September, I will go get a bubble drink. Lychee. Yumm.

Happy First Week everyone!

Kim said...

Eegads. Nothing I've done can come close to matching your crazed week, but here's my best shot:

--have gas leak confirmed
--visit playground w/daughter
--go to labor day bbq
--go thrift-shopping w/daughter
--have plumber resolve gas leak issue
--finish up applique pillow
--visit playground w/daughter
--have friends over for take-out
--do 2-hour clean-up duty for playgroup
--do many loads of laundry
--visit playground w/daughter
--make deposit at bank
--go thrift-shopping w/daughter
--make kitty pattern, cut pieces
--organize felted sweater pieces by color
--visit playground w/daughter
--spend day at us open w/husband

Sirena said...

hmm... well so far i've been messing with eyelets (definitely had several moments of missing the eyelet tool and hitting my fingers with the hammer), buying new furniture for my apartment, baked brownies, watching a whole lot of top chef and kyle xy, applying for jobs, and getting ready for grad school. woohoo!

Tess said...

A contest and goodies! I can't stay away!
My first week of September:

Rebuilt our fence
Out with friends
Errands up the...
Eye Doctor
Preschool Open House
Preschool Parent Night
Baby Shower
Wallowing in the filth that is my home at the moment, wondering when the cooking/cleaning/laundry fairy will arrive.
Tess aka thetessaroo

Ivey HandCrafted said...

So far my first week of September...

*worked at Hair A Go Go - the fabulous salon I work at

*made 4 super cute onesies - that I will be posting on esty SOON

*made Halloween Goodies for Girls Will Be Girls Halloween Launch September 12th

*Started planning our annual halloween party - and started the invitations....

*babysit a friends HELL kitty - had to put up art, tie up drapes, etc - the cat is now offically gone - PRAISE JESUS!!!

*Had 2 Fabulous nights in a row of dinner with a couple of fabulous friends

*Made "art" to put at my brother's house while he was out of town...

*went to a burlesque show....which desperately needed help - the girls weren't bad, band was godawful

*picked up my fabulous new business cards

I am sure there are more...but I figure that is a great start!
Pretty great start to September - and this week is birthday week!


melissa said...

i just recently found your blog - and your etsy site, you make beautiful things, so i couldn't resist the contest...

*bowling with my visiting brothers

*picnic in the park with a group of 2-3 year-olds and their respective parents

*knitting a scarf for the red scarf project

*going out to dinner with friends and having their two-year-old son sing "oh my darling clementine" on the top of his lungs in a pretty fancy italian restaurant (too funny for words!) and then he gets a round of applause from two of the tables.

*taking my two-year old daughter fall coat shopping (much easier than a teenager, i'm sure) "i want the PINK one."

*watching the opening weekend of nfl football

*pulling tomatoes and copious amounts of yellow squash out of the garden - seriously, how can one family eat that much yellow squash?!?

Violette Crumble said...

It's nuts that teens are expected to be at school so early, despite it being common knowledge that they require more sleep than people in other stages of development. That said, you are a social butterfly and I'm glad I can look forward to that life at some point once again.

My list:

:: Unpacking
:: Embroidering orders for Bun Bun
:: Swimming with 22 month old son
:: Helping new friend thread sewing machine. Bobbin loader was nightmare.
:: Eating shrimp enchiladas with chipolte serrano cream sauce.
:: Taking peppermint pill to relieve immediate gas pains from cream sauce.
:: Buying amazing CD by Perla Battalia (Discoteca Batalia)
:: Affixing license plates to new car.
:: Buying new succulent plants for terrace.
:: Discovering Costco.