Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn Crafting

Is it getting chilly where you are? It's so cold here today that I broke out the space heater in the craft room. I have a rule that I won't turn the heat on until October 1, but I made an exception for the space heater today.

The house is a disaster right now. We've been rearranging for days. Rearranging around here is a big deal. It almost always involves removing everything from the walls and moving furniture. I find myself wanting to do cleaning and purging more in the fall than the spring. I think I feel the need to get the house ready for the cold months when I just want to be cozy and warm.
Look at this mess:

and this one::

Some rooms are coming together nicely though, see::

Some new Sewing Kits and Pin Cushions are in the shop:

There is a definite fall color scheme happening here. The dining room is getting some of it too. It's been pink and pastel for a few years and now it's getting a nice warm makeover. Browns and oranges are so welcome right now. I think I may go on an acorn hunt this afternoon. I've been wanting to fill bowls with acorns all around the house. Which reminds me that I've got a new etsy shop called Little Acorn Vintage and Thrift. It's been great having a place to sell some of the little treats we've had laying around.
Have a lovely Fall afternoon!


Kim said...

In progress or otherwise, you have some SWEET vintage furniture in your home!

PonyBoy Press said...

I totally feel that fresh start when fall starts, too. I have been in the same mood! What you have so far looks great. Hey, have you seen this thing on the Behr paint site where you can take a pic of your house and then see what the walls will look like as a different color? pretty neat.

Artsy Momma said...

Even your "mess" is inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

stephanie said...

lovely new stuffs!