Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Knit Wit and Other Treats

This afternoon I hauled 5 bags o' craft supplies and fabric to the craft supply swap. It was so great to get some of the stuff out of my studio space that I've been holding on to for years and pass it on to someone who will use it. It was also fun to "shop" for free. I got quite a few little treats, a Knit Wit, which I was watching on eBay for months and finally gave up on, some thread, zippers and a few other little goodies.

I spent most of my Saturday working on a custom order for some little girls' bedrooms. It reminds me of how much I'd love to get started on my Handmade Nursery idea. I love the idea of making things for a baby on the way that isn't all Gerber if you know what I mean. One room is in a Little Red Riding Hood theme for which I made a lamb plushie and wall hanging. The other room is cupcakes and sweets! Adorable. I made a giant cupcake plushie, a pillow and a wall hanging.

Then tonight we had dinner at a good friend's house. Dinner at Allison's always means waddling out to the car totally full on great food and conversation. Tonight's menu included copper river salmon, especially delicious tonight, marinated in shoyu and maple syrup, yum!


LucyKate Crafts said...

love the cupcakes hanging : )

PonyBoy Press said...

I love the red riding hood wall hanging!