Friday, July 24, 2009

New Look

I thought it was time to freshen up this little blog. The banner design is doubling as packaging for brooches and pendants.

On another note, I had no idea I would become a such a chicken nerd. We will be going on the Tour de Coop tomorrow along with a large percentage of other Portlanders who have taken the chicken keeping plunge. In case you're wondering, the Tour de Coop is where you can go to about 25 different homes to see their chickens and coops. What fun! What? This doesn't sound fun to you? For shame! I was delighted to chat with a fellow chicken nerd at a party recently. See, most people have about a 3 minute chicken conversation tolerance. But us chicken nerds, we can discuss for hours. Really, no question is too silly. How big is your run? Do your chickens like zucchini, because mine won't touch it? How old were your chickens when they laid their first egg? This is a sampling of the questions we ask each other. I feel like there should be a secret society for us c.nerds so we don't bore others to death.
Here are some new pictures of the cutest flock in town:

chickens on deck

Millie, Petunia and Freckles

in the run

Petunia, star of the chicken show

Happy Weekend!

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krys kirkpatrick said...

have you seen Hope Sandrow's chickens? Article in the New York Times. I have a tweet about it on my blog. She has webcams on them! I am thinking chickens are the new pet. I love them