Sunday, February 15, 2009

5 Targets

I went to 5 Target stores, one of them twice, today to get this bounty! The new Orla Kiely line is so lovely. We got the canisters at three different stores. We still didn't manage to find any of the textiles like the dish towels, aprons and place mats. We'll keep checking. I will stay strong.

I've been embroidering like crazy lately. There are some new framed pieces in the shop. These are so fun. I've been going through all of my sketch books and turning various drawings into embroideries.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

You are so lucky- we don't have Target stores in the UK :(

Just visited your Etsy shop- I love your bunnies and bears!

TokyoBunnie said...

I am so jealous. I have tried 6 stores and all I have found is one shoe organizer!

P.S. LOVE your items they are so gorgeous! I will be featuring your work on my blog next week! <3

Anonymous said...

I live in Minnesota, and we have all the decor for this line!!! Table cloths, placemats, apron, and all the bedroom items. Shoe holder, laundry holder, and the small buckets that match. I didn't see any mugs like you already have, but so many other items!!! If you still have interest in these items, perhaps we can figure something out. I am all about helping others. And, I can see how much you love the items. :o) Kyra¥

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot, I also saw the dish towels !!! (Two different sets of colors 5.99 each set) And the pear cork placemats... and regular cloth placemats for 4.99 each. :o) Kyra¥