Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Things

Things I'm loving right now:
1::my garden

2::sewing for a new baby niece due next month. made using this pattern

3::canning jam
4::eating homemade jam on freshly baked bread YUM!
5::these plastic screw on lids for canning jars. they have changed my life.

Things I'm not loving right now:
1::new neighbors and their heavy metal band
2::cabbage worms
4::powdery mildew
5::scary noise my car is making when I turn left

Things I'm looking forward to:
1::figuring out what to do with the giant bag of blueberries picked this weekend
2::holding a new baby that arrived last month
3::starting on the new baby's quilt
4::buying some of the Michael Miller organic fleece for the back of baby's quilt
5::upcoming trip to Seattle, Beard Papa, here I come!


Meridian Ariel said...

lovely garden picture, and love the little green apple baby grow.

hope you have a lovely trip to Seattle, we have been quite a few times as its the Nearest Airport we can fly direct to from England to get to my parents in Idaho.. well that and a 5 hour drive accross washington.

We are geeks though, we have done all the geeky tourist things the First Starbucks, space needle, and *muttered under breath* the sci-fi mueseum... oh and we went on a Duck tour which was very good and funny, especially the expression on our sons face when the bus were were on drove into the water and tootled around.. lovely city for walking and erm coffee. oh and books too..

Violette Crumble said...

I first read about Beard Papa on my favorite first blog I ever read:

FF to a few years ago, and Beard Papa came to NYC, right across the street from my mom's apartment! We just stayed at that apt. for a month, and ate B.P. at least twice a week. My favorite special flavor is the mocha with eclair topping. One of the best things I've eaten, hands down.

Try spraying your plants (for aphids) with a tincture of boiled citrus skin. Cut the skin off an orange (or another citrus fruit) and boil the skin in a little water for a few minutes. Let it cool totally and then spray away. I used this method to get rid of these crazy-ass Texas leaf-footed bugs that were swarming my tomatoes and grapefruits. It's the only thing that didn't kill the leaves of the plants (like soapy water or vinegar did). Good luck.

kirsten said...

beard papa just opened by my house up here in vancouver. they are to die for. mmmmmmmmm! said...

Awww, what a lovely post. I'm dreaming up ideas on what I can do with my big tray of blueberries too. Mmm...

sunnie_fairy said...

adorable little shirt!