Saturday, November 03, 2007

Michael's Blows

Here's a little story about why I hate Michael's and yet continue to shop there. I purchased one of the new Martha Stewart rotary cutting rulers about a week ago because I broke my old one and liked the colors of the MS one. The tag says it's easily visible on either light or dark fabric, a claim that I strongly dispute, I found it was barely visible on any fabric. So...with receipt in hand, I head to Michael's to return said ruler. To my utter dismay, the bastards refused to return it EVEN WITH A RECEIPT because I didn't have the label EVEN THOUGH I HAD A RECEIPT. So...after making a moderately large scene and asking for the manager and then ultimately his boss, I left sans refund but with a great deal of rage. Of all the places that I regularly shop, Michael's has some of the worst customer service. The employees are rude, argumentative and reluctant to help, which leads me to believe that Michael's isn't the greatest company to work for. I shouldn't be surprised really that my refund was refused. Lucky for me I came home and after some ransacking, found the label and now plan to march back in for my refund. Aholes. So, Jenn, why do you continue to shop at Michael's if the customer service is as awful as you claim, you ask. Well I'll tell you why, better yet, I'll show you...

Because the Leader has put out a line of craft supplies that beats all other craft supplies. Because there are scallops and wood grain and ribbons and glitter and red with aqua packaging and polka dots and cupcake papers and wrapping paper and picture frames and twill tape and so so much more. This is possibly my favorite of all...a kit to make divided treat boxes with scallops and polka dotted parchment!!!

Oh how I love Christmas. I love love love it. I love the sparkles and the colors the lights and the real feeling of magic and sweetness. Christmas makes even Michael's less horrible.


Violette Crumble said...

I'm shocked that they wouldn't refund you on that item. That really is lousy.

I have that rotary ruler and matching cutter and I must say you really need to put some elbow grease into it to get it to cut. I was pretty surprised.

BTW, I can't find any scalloping shears to cut fabric with. I got some at Micheal's that cut paper, but they don't work on fabric. Any ideas?

Sarah and Jack said...

Ugh, I hate that place. Target makes me equally made with their return "policies". They once tried to tell me that if I returned $26.67 worth of diapers I had to buy $26.67 (exactly) worth of something from the same section. (Like wipes.) Really helpful buggers.

I use only the fiskars cutters, and they are pretty awesome, even if they are expensive. (And they do have a scallop blade, for your previous commenter.)

Ann said...

Violette C.. I bought my scalloped edge pinking shears at ahem..Michaels ( ducks down )..head over to the sewing notions wall. Not too bad when you use the coupon.

christina said...

I think you mention in one of your posts that you are in Portland. I'm in NJ and I have noticed that the people at Michaels are incredibly unhelpful!
It seems that every time I go there, the employees (mostly teenagers), are running around yelling or talking on their cell phones.

There's an AC Moore a little farther away. Their prices are better. It's a more pleasant experience all around.