Friday, September 17, 2010

Spoonflower Take 2

I finally got the carnival and coffee shop design swatches from Spoonflower this week. I think I've found a new obsession.

Even though I'd like to start off with full yards of my designs, I am really glad I got swatches as both designs have some issues I want to correct.

I forgot to offset the colors in the coffee shop print and I think offsetting looks so much better. It gives it a screen printed look that I like. I think there might be too much negative space and the objects could be closer together. The background ended up a little more peach than I wanted as well.

The carnival print seems to have a little too much negative space as well. I'm pretty happy with the colors but will tweak those a bit. I'm not sure but I think the size of the design needs to be smaller.

And the Forest Bear fabric made it's way into a pin cushion:


monda-loves said...

They're all looking fab. It's very addictive isn't it.
I'm waiting on some swatches from spoonflower at the moment too. I'm so impatient though - they seem to be taking an age to get to the UK...


Mery said...

i love the bear! its so cute! ^^

Leah said...

Loving your designs...and what youve made with cute.

Me said...

My husband and I think you're really having your own style. The choice of the colours, the fabric and the cute items..., looks great (>.<) also your blog is an inspiration

Anonymous said...

Bought one of your fabric pouches at the Xmas pop-up store in downtown Portland during the month of December 2010.

Just wanted to say how creative and whimsical they are!