Saturday, May 22, 2010

Springtime Organizing

I think it would be nice to pick up my house and shake everything out onto the lawn and then carefully put back only the things we need and love. Then the rest could be donated, sold or recycled. Wouldn't that be lovely? Ah well, instead I sort, little by little.

I bought this bookshelf at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $10. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to painting it. We debated about colors for weeks before settling on this bright robin's egg blue. The color was inspired by this Method bathroom cleaner bottle, of all things.

Have we talked about Method? No? Well, quickly, I'll tell you that I love all of their products. Well almost all, the daily shower cleaner smells a lot like the scented feminine napkins, not good. Other than that, the products rule. The toilet bowl cleanser is not only totally effective but comes in the most adorable bottle. Who knew I could like something so mundane so very much? I love love love the ginger yuzu dish soap. And I am completely obsessed with the Method Baby rice milk and mallow dryer sheets. Have you smelled these? They smell like magic. They are expensive, like ridiculously, I can't believe I'm paying $6 for such a small package of dryer sheets, expensive. I'm telling you, they are amazing. Men seem to hate them, but don't let that stop you. Treat yourself. I've started putting the used sheets in my dresser drawers and in with my little softies instead of sachets. They smell like MAGIC and the packaging is lovely. I suppose it shouldn't really come as a surprise that a Method bottle inspired my bookshelf color.

Here are before and afters. Hooray!

I love that print, it's from here. We got it at Crafty Wonderland. It's not going to stay there, I'll hang it on the wall once, I get to IKEA for the right size frame.

Oh, and the weather here is bull#*!@. I'm feel like I need to have a bathing suit on under a parka so I can be appropriately dressed at all times. It goes from hail and blowing rain to sunny and 75 and then back to rain. It's obnoxious. We're still turning the heat on and it's the end of May! Boo.


Angela said...

I LOVE that color! Would you please share the paint brand and color name?

chetanddot said...

The paint color is Sea Wave and it's Valspar. We used Ultra Premium High Gloss. It's so nice in person!

Rick said...

Hello! I'm Rick - I made that print.Thanks for loving it!

Re: Ikea: Those Scandinavian friends of ours do something fairly sneaky - their frames are not standard sizes; they only fit Ikea artwork! You'll have a hard time finding an 18 x 24 frame and the old yellow and blue.

However! I print at that size because it's a simple off-the-shelf stock size you can get anywhere else. Last time I was looking at Target I found wood frames that size for $9. Or any frame shop (Michael's?) will have them that size, cheap.


chetanddot said...

Hi Rick!
I went to Ikea last night and you are right, no standard frames. I'll check Target and Michael's next. Thank you for the tip!

Angela said...

Thanks! I too have a used bookshelf that's been sitting around just waiting for a great coat of paint. This was the inspiration I needed!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Just came upon your blog, and I absolutely adore it!!! I have a desk like the yellow one you refinished and sometime ago, my husband and I also refinished ours. Also, we refinished a large oak bookcase (7 feet tall, that we purchased out of someones garage for $20.00) for his books. I love to see old items re-used and brought back to life again. I have bookmarked your blog and I am so happy to have found it. Charlotte (ravelry name, epb4me)

Araceli said...

I have always loved your products since you first started on Etsy! I also love the Method brand. Great job on the painting!

Edie Mindell said...

I love green, but turning your bookshelf into blue is beautiful also. I must admit, I kind of like the blue color now. I love that kind of blue shade. I might try it out on one of my furnitures also.:-)