Saturday, February 06, 2010


I love to have fresh flowers in the house. A friend recently commented on how after she bought her house, she had to really budget and couldn't splurge on wine and flowers. Flowers are definitely a luxury item, but they are so lovely. I especially love having them around this time of year when I do so look forward to Spring's arrival. I've already seen several cherry blossoms in bloom. It is a bit early even for here, but such a welcome sight.

After attending my friend Greg's memorial this morning, it seemed that we could use some cheering up. So we stopped and put together this little arrangement.

I love these little wax flowers. I would love to grow some this year. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a cutting garden full of your favorite flowers? I would grow hydrangeas and zinnias and mums and lilacs and lots of little flowers too.

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Tee* said...

Hi. I follow your blog and have it on my list of favorites. Therefore I have given you the Sunshine Bloggers award! Stop by to pick it up!