Friday, February 12, 2010

Flock This

So I didn't realize that The Leader had a line of flocking powders. A few years ago, I was shopping in a funny little scrapbooking store in Vancouver, WA and mentioned something about flocked cards and one of the sweet owners said she had some flocking powders that I could buy if I wanted. So she brought out a box of vintage flocking in all different colors, I, of course, bought them all. I think they were like $1 each or something. The colors weren't quite as delicious as these lovelies I found in the Martha Stewart aisle of Michael's this morning.

Hooray! I can't wait to flock the crap out of some stuff. I wish I could flock fabric. I'll have to look into that.

I've added some more baby booties to the shop:


sMacThoughts said...

That flocking sounds great to me!! Thanks for the tip. ANd what cute tiny. happy St. Valentine's Day!

ohthecuteness said...

Neat! I had no idea you could buy flocking powders. And I love those baby booties, especially the mushroom ones!