Monday, February 22, 2010

Coffee or Tea?

I almost always opt for coffee. I take mine with just a bit of cream, no sugar. I do enjoy a mug of hot tea from time to time, but my love for coffee is undeniable. I've recently acquired the equipment to roast my own coffee beans, I'll be sure to share the process as soon as it happens. I can just imagine how the house is going to smell! Yum!

I've just added these little cups of goodness to the shop. I'll be working on a few more and then it's on to something else. I have an idea for a little crocheted apple bowl with a lid perhaps.


Sarah said...

These are so darling! I share your love for coffee- I'll choose it over tea almost any day. xD

Violette Crumble said...

I love these! And real coffee too. Shane the giant baby just grew out of your booties. I feel so sad, but am saving them for a close friend's baby.

chetanddot said...

I'm glad Shane was able to wear the booties for so long. I don't have a baby around to try on for size so it's always a guess as to how long they'll fit.
Yay for coffee!

ohthecuteness said...

Cute! Did you make the pattern up from scratch? I love it!